dimanche 31 mars 2013

Some pictures...

Ready to start. Only picture from Adelaide.

Somewhere in the hills after leaving Adelaide.

One of some endless road pictures.

The ferry at Wellington.

Meningie and Lake Albert.

An emu in the fields. Poor animal did not seem to understand the principle of a fence.

The Coorong. Not much more to see during 140 kilometers.

Unexpected encounter in the middle of the Coorong. A collector of old cars with a 1902 Dedion-Bouton in his trailer.

A shingleback lizard on the dirt to the beach some kilometers after Salt Creek.

The beach after 3 km of dirt and 1.5 km walking.

Fields and cattle.

Tree plantations (and lot of log trucks).

The Blue Lake at Mount Gambier. Amazingly blue.

At dusk before a night in stealth camping in the middle of nowhere.

Seeing the sea again on the road to Portland.

Don't trust Google Map in bicycle mode! This unsealed road started wonderfully but after some kilometers it became difficult. I had a puncture and joined as fast as possible the normal road.

First (living) kangaroo. Did not seem to be bothered by cars but left the road when I tried to get closer.

I did not understand if this was to warn cars about cyclists or to inform cyclists they were not alone.


Port Fairy.

The Rail Trail from Port Fairy to Warrnambool

Not really hot this day.

A reasonable advice.

Between Warrnambool and Port Campbell. I told you I was facing a lot of wind.

Here we are. The cliffs, the 12 Apostles and so on.

A lot of people photographing each other at the 12 Apostles (but only there).

On the road to Cape Otway.


No stress.

Time to reach the campsite.

Blanket Bay campsite from the seashore.

If you don't know what it is, don't touch it!

Between Apollo Bay and Lorne.

Went to see the falls at Lorne. Not much water but some great tree ferns.

Torquay, Bells Beach.

Melbourne. The Eureka Tower.

The seals at Phillip Island.

French Island. A random road, black swans at one end of the island and some unexpected mail box.

 Back to Melbourne. The Shrine from the top of the Eureka tower.

And finally Sydney.

And yes I can prove I was there (at least my bicycle).

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